Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chocoholic Anonymous

Chocoholic Anonymous... do you know of a group near you, I mean... near me?

My daughter is selling chocolate candy bars to raise money for her DC trip. She is working on selling her 2nd box. Unfortunately for me, the bars are in the house most of the time and so am I. She sold a box at church a couple weekends ago. This past weekend she forgot the box!!! So I have had the pleasure of 3 weeks with 5 different kinds of candy bars. Well to be honest... I have no idea of how many candy bars I ate the first week. I would guess between 6-8. I know you are probably thinking...OMG that is alot of candy; however I am not done. As you noticed... I only mentioned the first week. In the last 2 weeks I have had 11 more bars.


Mindless eating is my primary explanation... which isn't a good one! The only... and I mean ONLY reason I haven't gained any weight is because I am pumping. Now if I take that and reverse it, I have a whole different picture. The only reason I haven't lost more baby weight is because of all those candy bars. Today was a wake up call for me. I didn't even realize how many I have eaten until tonight. (bummer) I think I am just bored from all the down time, and unable to fully be back to my old self.

***I pledge to not eat any more of the candy bars from my daughter's fund raiser.***


Roundballnz said...

mmmmmm chocolate !!!!!! so much better than candy have the good stuff & you might feel better.

BTW the minute we say "I won't eat XX" all our brain hears is "XX" .....

Shantay said...

Good point. So far it hasn't been bad, considering it is Thanksgiving week and there are plenty of pies and other goodies to distract me. LOL