Friday, October 16, 2009

My, oh my how quickly things change.

Several things have changed since I last posted. 9 min contractions took me to LDR Wednesday night. Over night stay then released with the contractions being 11 min then. Got home exhaulsted (hard beds) Rested for a couple hour while the boy's parents were on their way. My Illinois doctor suggested getting my butt 'here' asap. So I am now in Illinois until delivery. I have spent the last 2 days in a hospital bed and am planning on 1 more. When we got into town Thurs I was to go to LDR for monitoring and steroid shot and I am still here. Praying I can go to M&M's house tomorrow and relax until D-day.

Got the 1st steriod shot last night.
Labs drawn for pre-eclampsia screen last night.
Currently in the process of a 24 hr urine collection.
Started Nifedipine last night, to stop my contractions that were 4 min apart.
Still having them, not sure how far apart they are. Just tired now and need some sleep!!!!

I had an u/s done this morning by a specialtist in high risk preg. Boys weigh 4.2 & 4.7 lbs. They look good. Both placenta are out of the way for a vag delivery. A has flipped head down... B is transverse.

At the hosp. back home the doctor checked me and said I was 1-2 cm and 20% effaced with a -2 station.

During the vag u/s he said without anyone poking and prodding in there... I appeared closed and he didn't expect me to deliver within the week b/c of the length of the cervix.

OK e'nuff of me... hope all is well.


tbsomeday said...

Good luck keeping those impatient little guys in!
Take care of yourself!

Abby said...

Hey there! Glad to read that you and the boys are doing OK. I nearly had pre-eclampsia with my first, so I can totally empathize with you about that! Go get some rest!! Hope everything goes smoothly from here on out. :)

Shantay said...

thank you both!!!

I am hoping they will discharge me this afternoon so I can rest in a real bed. LOL