Friday, September 18, 2009

Whatcha' Doing?

Just got done reading through the book and papers I got from the birthing class. I glanced through them during the classes back a couple months ago. Today I was thinking of the things I will need to pack. I actually need a few bags packed. Due to the unusual circumstances, I will need one for me at the hospital. I will also need one for my stay at M&M and then we need one for hubby and daughter. Theirs will be more of an overnight bag, similar to what I will need for the hospital. SO that was the reason I was reading through the book... to find the page with suggestions of things I might not think of. Like...lip balm, cards, paper and pen. Feel free to comment and add anything you might think I will need.


tbsomeday said...

that's my number one
i get hungry after birth :)

i bring as little as possible
i wear what the hospital has while i'm there
your situation is more involved though with the "post" stays

make sure you have pads and big undewear
my hospital sends home both--the big net underwear :)

i don't really wear make up or do my hair, so that helps me out too

just some baggy clothes, shampoo, lotion, toothbrush, camera, lip chap :) and snacks...did i say that already?

Shantay said...

Thanks I will definately pack some snacks... never know what time it will be that I deliver and then they have to order food from the caf. So I may be starving by then!

ps... love those net undies!