Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tranquility Day Spa

Back in June, some very good friends of mine pitched in and bought me a gift certificate for a prenatal massage. It was a great and very thoughtful birthday present. I decided to hold on to it until I felt I really needed a day of relaxation.

This past week I felt the need for it. I was so stressed and tired that the working over of my muscles was a welcome distraction. I have to admit that my awkward belly made getting on and off the massage table very challenging. Not to mention, turning on my side for the back portion triggered my round-ligament to pull and send painful shocks through my body. That was relieved by a pillow under my belly. Have I mentioned how freakin' big this belly is??? Growing by leaps and bounds weekly. Once I got settled on my side, she was able to finish the relaxing massage.

Thank you goes out to all who contributed to the gift. Muah!

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