Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday Get Together!

I am a couple weeks past due on posting this.

I wonderful group of ladies (and 1 hubby) visited me Sept. 6th. These are my surro friends. Here is the breakdown...
2 preggo
2 gathering info (plus 1 hubby)
2 intended moms (plus 1 teen)
1 surro mom from Feb.

Then there was Chad, Kris and me.
Yes we had a house full... but I enjoyed the company! It was great to hang out and chit chat about different things. To tell about where we are in our journey and the pros and cons to things.

Here is a few of the people that came to visit me.

The best part about this meeting... only 2 of the ladies, I have met before. The others drove anywhere from 2 hrs to 3 hrs one way. I really felt honored to have them care enough to want to come to my house, to take time out of their day, to arrange for sitters for their kids and come and see me. People I have never met was excited and welcomed the opportunity to come and visit me on bed rest. It really meant a lot to me!

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