Saturday, September 26, 2009



*Funny title*

About that night... It was supposed to be a sexy one-time indulgence. Two rivals in the self-help world coming together for an evening of fun. But Miranda Reed soon realized she was pregnant and was horrified at having to confront her baby's father. Though irresistible, Zach was the last person she wanted to see again... or was he?
A traditionalist, Zach Jameson insisted on marrying Miranda. And the more time he spent with the fiery writer, the more he really wanted her in his life... permanently. No longer did he care about keeping his image intact. They could live in sin and have a posse of love children, for all he cared-just as long as he could call her his...

This was a good book. What the above doesn't tell you is how sweet and kind the guy is and how the girl is just wanting to maintain control over her own life.

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