Thursday, September 10, 2009


Debbie Macomber's READY FOR LOVE

This is a wonderful book comprised of two stories. "Two brothers- and the women who love them"

Ready for Romance?
At the age of fourteen, Jessica Kellerman was wildly infatuated with Evan Dryden. But that was just a teenage crush and now, almost ten years later, she is in love- truly in love- with his older brother Damian. But everyone, including Damian believes she's carrying a torch for Evan!

Ready for Marriage?
Mary Jo Summerhill is the woman in love with Evan. But her background's blue-collar, while Evan's is blue blood. So three years ago she got out of his life-and broke his heart. Now she needs his help. More than that, she wants his love. She wants a second chance with Evan...

The Dryden men-bachelors no longer. Not if these women have anything to say about it!

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