Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Transfer Week?

Well tonight is the last night of my Lupron shot. I do start some other meds. today and tomorrow. SUNDAY is the transfer day(change in plans). I am so excited to hear how many itty-bitty eggies the doctor was able to retrieve. M&M said she would call me and let me know. Then we send up Growing Prayers. God has a special one already picked out for M&M... I am so excited to be a part of his Miracle!

I got an email from the nurse. It has a list of restrictions on it. Most of you know that I am in the Turbulence Training Transformation Challenge #4. My end date is/WAS March 19th. However in lieu of this recent email, my NEW end date is March 14th. This week I am really focusing on working out and getting ready for the photos on Saturday. Then it will be 48hr of couch potato rest... that evolves into 10 days of little activity and NO exercise. Yep you heard that right, NO EXERCISE. The nurse did say I could walk at a slow pace after the 48 hours. So I plan on taking advantage of this time by reading a book. Something mystical and romantic! I may spend some time blogging and chatting with my friends too. lol

On another note: my son is visiting us for his Spring Break next week! I can't wait until he is here. Although he will spend a lot of his time 'gaming' with Chad, I just like that he is here. I will have both of my kids here that week. I will feel like home is complete again... I miss him!

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