Monday, March 23, 2009

Revival, Again!

I am so excited to tell you about my weekend. It was filled with so many wonderful blessings!!! First off let me start by saying that this revival was awesome! God is so great that I am speechless with the 'right' words to express it.

My dad, mother, sister, brother-in-law and 2 nephews came up from Knoxville, Tn to visit us. (Blessing) Also, the kid's dad came up to be with our daughter. (Blessing) In case you forgot, my son spent the last week with us so I was able to rejoice in having him home! (Blessing) The kids' dad (James Sisk), my dad (Robert Newby) and my brother-in-law (Rick Miller) were the ones that were in revival this weekend with us.

Everyone arrived on Friday at various times. James took Kris with him so they could have some father/daughter time and got a hotel room. My family stayed at my house with us. Due to an accident in Carmel, they were delayed in arriving and rushed once they got to my house. Chad had Shrimp Stir-Fry ready to eat (Blessing) if they had time and they rushed around trying to get ready for the 1st night's service. Once we were at church, all was well! After a few songs, Rick preached a wonderful service titled "A Touch from the Master". The spirit was falling as the tears were flowing in the house of God. (Blessing) It was an amazing feeling and I was thrilled to be a part of this service. My daughter asked if I would go the alter with her during alter call so I did, along with several of our friends. It was so uplifting to see her want to get closer to the Lord. (Blessing)

Saturday was a nice warm day (for Indiana in March). (Blessing) We enjoyed conversing with family and playing with the kids. I spent an hour telling my nephew about all the exercises you can do with a stability ball. Since I am on restriction, I had my sister do the moves. (Blessing) She enjoyed the exercise I showed her and then jumping on the treadmill. Then my nephews were ready to try them. They were so cute doing all the exercises and really burning some energy! LOL I also wrote down the exercises for the 6 min. Abs for her to do. It was great to see her really taking advantage of the exercise room we have... especially since I can't right now. LOL Later the kids went outside to enjoy the fresh air and warm 65-70 degree temps! (Blessing) My sister and mother pulled out her soundtracks and started singing. I was in tears... it has been about 15 years or so since I have sung with my mom. (Blessing) I have never sung with my sister. I praise God for that opportunity he gave me....*tears*! Later my mom baked a cake for my daughter for her birthday. James and the kids came over to socialize and enjoy the family birthday party for her (spare of the minute). (Blessing) Then they stayed for dinner. Chad prepared a Pork Loin and my sister and I made mashed potatoes, green beans and mac&cheese.(yummy Blessing) It felt good to have my family and the kid's w/ their dad there under one roof. Once dinner was over, it was time to clean up and get ready for another exciting meeting at church. This service my mom, sister and I sung 2 songs. I felt the spirit of the Lord and I was just over joyed with peace. (Blessing) James preached about Never being Alone. Funny thing is he started singing the song I posted on here last week, "Somebody's Praying" (Blessing) That was cool! Again several people knelt at the alter for a touch from God.

Sunday was a bitter sweet day. I was happy because I had my family here, yet sad knowing it was their last day. You see, my sister and her family had never been up here so this was their first time. My mom and dad was up here 2 years ago. So the reality of this being the end of the revival was sad. Sunday morning my dad spoke. He preached about The Talents. (Blessing) This revival was the first time I had heard my dad and Rick preach. I was honored and teary the entire time. (Blessing) God was blessing me left and right. Us girls were asked to to sing an alter call song and as the 1st verse to the song "Undo" was winding down, my son came to the alter. I was so happy to see him there. (Blessing) He has been struggling with so many things and I wanted to see him let go of the past. I couldn't sing... I went and knelt at the alter praying with him. Did I mention how great this revival was for me? lol. Rick and Dad decided to stay for the evening service... another (Blessing) I will claim as my own!!! Although I know the service was for many there... I know it was for me. He preached about Trusting God. (Blessing) I was having some issues and felt weak. He kept repeating... when you feel at your weakest; God is at his strongest! I could picture HIS big arms around me and holding me. (Blessing) I could feel God saying, don't worry I am in control of this. By the time the alter call was starting I felt great peace with in me. As the song was being sung, my friend asked me to go to the alter with her.... little did WE know it would cause a chain reaction. I looked over to my husband and asked if he wanted to go. (typically he says no) Last night he nodded his head. (Blessing) My heart filled up and I couldn't contain my tears. We went to the alter. All I could say was praise God... over and over! My husband joined the church last night and I am just praising God today for this. My son recommitted his life to God and plans to follow in his dad's footsteps as a minister. My daughter isn't afraid to bow at the alter and give over to the calling God has for her. I am over-joyed and so excited to see all the good that God has in store for us. He is a good God... none like him! Last night we had two new members added to our church. (Blessing) Praise God! I can't thank him enough for all he has done in my life!

ps.... Happy 13th Bday Kris!!!

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