Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 15... the Elaborated Version

What an emotional day! We all met at Denny's for breakfast. M&M gave me the coolest and most thoughtful present. A gorgeous pair of blue and gold earrings and the coziest pair of PJs! She remembered my favorite color was blue!!! I was so thrilled to receive this unexpected gift. I had brought their daughter a princess bag with stickers and cards to help her pass the time while in the waiting room. I also got them each an Egg of M&M's. (corny I know.. but I am sure they liked the irony of us transferring the eggs today and them receiving egg shaped containers full of M&M's-the name I have given them on my blog).

We scheduled a noon appointment. When we got there the waiting room was empty! Both M&M and I was given an identification bracelet to wear. I barely got seated and read one page of a book to their daughter and was called back. M and I went back. We were in a room the size of a walk in closet (lol). There was a recliner and a chair with a small counter and closet. I was given a gown and a sheet and asked to strip from the waist down. M was given scrubs. It was very warm and cozy in there!!! VERY WARM. So her and I talked for about 5 min. then the lab tech came in and explained to her the results of the test and told us what grades the embryos are that we were transferring that day. Then she left and about 2 min. later in came the nurse and the doctor. We were escorted to the transfer room. Another small room, yet somewhat bigger than the walk in closet . They sat me on a 1/2 bed. Instead of my feet in stir ups like I expected, my knees were placed in them. The ultrasound tech was very calming. He walked me through it all. There was a flat screen TV on the wall above me and I was instructed to watch that. The lab tech placed the embryos on there and showed us them. M grabbed my hand and held it the whole time. While I was focused on the TV, Dr Kaplan was cleaning the 'area' and inserting the cath. It was mildly uncomfortable, however very bearable! Once the embryos were in the syringe, the u/s guy directed me to watch the u/s monitor. He showed us where the cath was placed and then we watched as the 2 little boys were 'shot' into my uterus. Once they were sure both of the embryos were out of the tubing, I was asked to go to the restroom and relieve my bladder. (full bladder is required for the u/s procedure) Once I was done in the restroom, M and I went back to our walk in closet and she requested that we have 10 min to rest. She reclined me and we just prayed and rejoiced in the lord. After about 15 min, we got dressed ... well I got dressed and we left. The procedure took about 5-10 min. start to finish. I felt blessed to have here there with me to experience this at a team. Woohooo!!! Transfer went great!

Once I got home, I changed into my comfy pjs and relaxed. I can't wait until tomorrow. That is the 1st beta!

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SmoketheBlowfish said...

Shantay, I just wanted to let you know that I've been following this part of your journey. I haven't really had anything to add, but I wanted to let you know that I really admire who you are and what you are doing.

My daughter is nearly 9 (in June) and I constantly point out examples of self-lessness. You are a perfect example. While I am not nearly as religious as you (I am on that journey though), I commend you and will pray that everything goes the way God intends.

ps. I apologize if any parts of my blog offend you. I know that I come off pretty strong a good portion of the time.

later, MikeZ