Thursday, March 12, 2009

Food talk.

I just had the yummiest salad ever! It was a salad from my own kitchen... and I made it. Here is the ingredients. Shredded lettuce, tomato, chicken breast, apple with Asian Sesame Dressing. I just wanted to share good news since I did such a crappy job last night on supper. Chad has been doing a lot of cooking for us, which means I am a bit rusty now. Well last night I cooked dinner while he hung a side new door in our garage. So I season the chicken breast and cover w/ foil and place in the oven for baking. I wash the broccoli and spray the pan for cooking it. I add some 'special' ingredients. Ok that was probably my 1st mistake, since I didn't measure and it had been a while since I cooked. While the broccoli was cooking I started the water for the pasta. Bottom line is, when we sat down to eat... the chicken was dry a little, the pasta was stickier than normal and the broccoli was almost trash-able in my opinion. Chad tasted and decided that it was edible. So we all had some over powering broccoli (will not put vinegar in that again!). It was ok if you chewed really quick 4 times and then shoved a piece of pasta in your mouth to cover the taste. LOL I do thank God for the food and the nourishment it was to our body. I also thank God for a husband that says.. it isn't that bad, we can eat it. I told him at the end of dinner that he was the designated cook from now on because I was out of practice. LOL

I love broccoli, so I was very upset I ruined it!

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