Friday, February 13, 2009

The Shot

The calendar said I could do it between 6pm and 10pm. So I was gonna wait until the last possible moment. (nerves) I got home about 6:30ish and got out my booklet they gave me with the calendar and read over the instructions on 'how to' a little. I was feeling a little on the blak side last night so I wasn't in a cheery mood. Anywho, hubby thought I shouldn't wait til 10pm b/c what if it keeps me up or I have a reaction... so I took it at 9:15 instead. So here is how it all went down! Watching Grey's and it went off; however there was this 2 hour premier where Grey's and Private Practice was merging... so Private Practice was coming on. I watched the 1st part and then the commercial came on so I jumped up. NO THINKING... JUST DO IT, I told myself. I wash my hands in the kitchen and go to the section of the counter where my meds are. Step one: wash hands... DONE... Step two... three... and so forth. Needle full, skin clean and pinched... OH DO I HEAR MY SHOW BACK ON?... crap! CONCENTRATE!... Ok, pinched skin on tummy... needle inching towards the spot. Slowly inching.... needle on skin... slowly.... a quarter of the way in.... OUCH... pulled it out... blood! Geez, why did I go slow? Everyone says quick... and I go slow? Fine, with bottom lip sticking out from my previous ouchie... quick, needle IN.... pushed out all the lupron... waited a second or two and double checked I had emptied the syringe. OUT and done! The first little poke hurt worst than that jab! I cleaned up my mess and then went to show hubby my booboo. He rubbed it and I told him I needed a cookie. (hehehe) After about 5 mins, I remembered my show was on. lol

So that was it. Best advice I can give is DON'T go slow. lol I had some soreness in the area; however that could have been from my mishap. lol


Michelle said...

hey shantay! wow, this is a crazy time in YOUR life! what an exciting thing - you are a kind spirit to do this for someone else! i would have been freaking out about giving myself a shot too!! hugs!

Abby said...

Kudos to you Kiddo! I don't know if I could give myself a shot in the stomach. Leg, maybe... You're really on your way! Congratulations!