Friday, January 23, 2009

Goals - Updates

I want to update some goals I set for myself last month.

1~ Continue avoiding carbonated drinks and deep fried foods. (CHECK)
2~ Limit eating lunch out to only 2 days a week so I can afford the monthly Y membership. (CHECK)
3~ Go to the Y 3 times a week for interval training. (as long as the Dr. permits)(CHECK PLUS, MAKING IT 4 DAYS)
4~ Do the TT workout 3 times a week at home with hubby.(as long as the Dr. permits)(CHECK, HUBBY DOESN'T ALWAYS DO IT, BUT I AM)
5~ Get 8 hours of sleep so I won't be reaching for extra food to give me energy.(CHECK)
6~ Weekly family game night re-instated. lol(CHECK... WII)
7~ Tackle one 'hot spot' in the house a week. (surly there isn't more than 52 of 'em...)lol (CHECK MINUS, I HAVE DONE THIS 2 OUT OF 4 WEEKS)
8~ Spend time daily meditating and praying for peace and stress relief.(CHECK)
9~ Continue Birthday Card ritual to family members.(CHECK)
10~ Maintain a healthy lifestyle that will be mimiced by my children. (CHECK)

Got an email from the fertility clinic yesterday. I was instructed to pick up some birth control pills (that was called in to the pharmacy) and start taking them that night. I thought OK cool! When I arrived home I was a little confussed since it has been 14 years since I took birth control. Do I start with the 1st pill in the pack? Do I start on the one marked Thursday? Why does thing have to be so confussing. lol The nurse did tell me to take the 1st 21 pills and NOT to take the last 7 pills. This tells me that those are different from the 21. So since the 21 were all the same color. I decided to take the one marked Thursday. That way I can make sure I take in on the right day. I did confirm with the nurse via email.

I have an appointment scheduled in Chicago for the 29th of this month. I will have several tests done to prepare me for the IVF transfer. I am excited to have things moving.

I received an massage yesterday! I need it so badly. I have been working out extra hard the last month and I knew my back was in knots. She did an excellent job and I plan on returning in a few months. My workouts have been very intense lately. I am focused on taking off a few pounds and getting tone. I realize I will gain wieght when I am pregnant; however that is NO excuse to not exercise and take care of the body God gave me.

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Abby said...

Whoo-hoo Shantay! Look at all those Checks - Great job! I am so jealous of that massage. I want to get one, just haven't had the time.