Thursday, November 6, 2008

I have noticed over the years that when the fall season starts, the sticky notes appear. Let me explain. I really do not like sticky notes to be stuck for longer than a day, 2 max. Write it, Stick it, Do it, Throw it away!!! I see sticky notes and feel closed in, cluttered. I do not like clutter and I am sure my friends can vouch for me when I say "You can't organize clutter!" But hold on here, we are really not talking about clutter b/c that is a whole 'nother topic! STICKY NOTES... January 1st... Clean desk, no stickies, no mess, no germs! Fast forward to August and my desk has seen a few sticky notes, however none has lasted longer than a week. (That one lasted because it mistakenly attached itself to a paper that was in a folder.) Sept. the notes seem to take me longer to 'check off' lasting a week or two. Oct, Nov, Dec... Uuttoh! I am in sticky note hell! Seriously... we are talking 2 on my calendar for this month, 5 on my monitor, 7 on various objects that are on my desk. I accomplished 2 tasks this week and removed those notes. The following day I had to FILL the empty spot with 2 NEW notes. It will be like that until the end of December. Why, you may ask. Well, this is a busy time for me at work and in my personal life. In order for me to keep it straight, I need to post it somewhere until the time comes when I need to remember it. LOL. I have a lot of things I have to remember during this time of year. For instance, the location of my meeting with my M&Ms, a running list of supplies we need at work, reminder to join a holiday trimmings group on the 17th, the name and number of a few areas that my youth group from church will donate time at, and several bits of info regarding this years Free Christmas Event. Funny thing, as I was typing that last line and I was scanning the post-its, I realized I could take another one down since my boss gave me the donation I need for the Ladies Circle of Love group I attend. Woohoo... Ok enough about those darn 'ole yellow devils... I think I will go to Staples tomorrow and buy some red and green ones. Do they make them? I will have to see... I need festive colors if I have to put up with this for another month and a half. hehehe

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