Thursday, October 2, 2008

Forks in the Road

Today I am waiting on the results of the Twitter contest. Not sure when there will be an announcement or if I will be in the top 10. Everyone did so good! While I await that, I am continuing the TT Challenge #3. Four out of Twelve weeks have passed. I have made tremendous improvements and I plan on making even more. My body is daily becoming more and more fit. I am excited, not just for me but for a future moment when my fit body will be supporting another life. That, I think has movitivated me even more. Don't get me wrong, I have had a healthy lifestyle for over Five years. Each day, month, year that passes I improve my lifestyle to make it healthier for me.

The fork in the road is about changing. Life changing and taking us down different paths. My life is changing and is definately going down a different pathway. I am very excited about this new direction. The growth and development that will be happening. As things unfold on my journey, I will blog about it here. As for now, I see the fork ahead and I am choosing to take the path with my name on it!

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