Monday, August 18, 2008

The Total Body Ten (TBT)

myspace commentsOk after 3 weeks of doing next to nothing, we are starting a bonus workout. I am honestly excited about the next Transformation Contest which starts Sept. 14th. However I can't continue being a slug! I need to move this body. Especially since I posted for the entire world to see my 'mini' in-between goal. Dang me! Why did I have a moment and post such a thing!?!?! Oh well, I am here now and starting this new work out tonight. The plan is to do TBT on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Trail bike riding will be on Tuesday and Thursday.

Kris has volley ball try-outs Mon-Thu this week, so it is unclear if she will be working out this week with us. I have a feeling she will a few nights.

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