Friday, May 23, 2008

Murder Mystery

I am sad to inform you that my calories were murdered yesterday in broad day light. It was a mystery murder at first. The evidence wasn't so apparent! There were bites... ummm.. I mean bits and pieces of clues. As I journaled my food for the day, I noticed it took me longer to enter and I was adding double the typical amount of items. There wasn't any large numbers, it seemed. 78 calories here; 42 calories there, what could it have been? Half way through the entering I thought to myself, there isnt one thing I can pin point that caused this mountain of numbers. It must be that I took a bite of everything at the Soccer Cookout. NO it WAS the Soccer Cookout's fault for having all that food! Then reality set in... I seen it! Right there in plain sight... it was... it was... the culprit! Clear as day, on my monitor screen... The weapon ~ French Silk Pie! What caused the murder, you ask? DEATH BY CHOCOLATE! A beautiful & tasty creature, yet she packed a punch of 377 calories for that one slice.

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